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It's early morning. He's usually still asleep at this time but his eyes are open and he can't find the doorway to the dream any more. "Oh, well. Might as well get up."

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"Dream? Wasn't there something I should remember? Something I should do today?"

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He walks around aimlessly. The room is small so it doesn't take too long to bump into all the necessary tools: toothbrush, mirror, computer.

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A certain draft permeates the air, a coldness that makes him reach for the jacket, that nagging feeling, that forgotten memory won't go away. Time to go out.

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Outside the air is colder, but the sun is shining. The balance works out. He starts walking towards the west, the rhythm of his steps increasing as he walks.

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"People ! So many people, where do all these people come from? What is their purpose?"
The stranger walks up to him without warning. He responds with calmness and measured sentences.

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"So dig this man, I came up here looking for a job, all I need to do is find my way to the Lucky's , you know man?"
"Yeah, I know. It's just around the corner."
"Because, you know man, I don't have any other reason to be here"
"I understand, just walk that way and..."
The conversation keeps on going, no matter how many times he tries to end it. He keeps on walking, without hurry, without panic, but inside, he already suspects the worse.


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