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Awakening the circus through laughter

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Born into instability and constant movement, repeatedly shifted from hand to hand, until she landed in her grandfather's house, where she finally stayed.

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Born among the roses, close to a village, a circus and the sea. Grew up among the fairies in the forest and learned to serve the ringleader of the circus. Arlequin is not male or female but rather both at once.

"I learned to love writing, poetry, art, music, magic and the circus, the clowns."

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Constantly shifting disguises  and pretending to be someone else and somewhere else.

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In school, she would keep to herself, away from the others. There she realized that her dad, Fancy, was a magician and that she had no mother.

When Arlequin sings a song, it is a song that reveals your secrets, that strips your defenses from you without asking for permission, and when you are in shock, Arlequin laughs uncontrollably.

One night she saw a great silver moon come down from the sky and place itself before her. When she told her grandfather, he told her about the fairies and other creatures of magic, and how he had met them in person. They would inhabit her dreams from then on.

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She became part of her father's theater troop, where she learned to act out fairy tales and children stories.

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When Arlequin gets too close, and you get to see the eyes, there is a certain laugh, a laugh full of knowledge, that frightens you and may make you run away.
The troop turned into a circus and she learned to mime, to do magic tricks and, most of all, she learned to capture the attention of a crowd of strange anonymous people.

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One day she spent three hours  drawing a vase on a piece of cloth. When she was done, the whole family reacted and began to see her as an artist.

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Arlequin's goal is to break down the defenses of the audience, to find the painted laughter that hides within, to find the lost Harlequins that are lost among the humans.
As she dived deeper and deeper into art, she developed a peculiar "sickness", a sickness of constant love, an endless and bittersweet awareness of the beauty of everything and everyone and the possibilities implied in every situation.

"My Goddess is the Moon.
To her I sing with passion, and to her I give gratitude."

Harsh but sweet, frightening but good
and dancing forever to keep the circus alive.



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