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Magician of space and memory

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"I almost died the day I was to be born. The umbilical cord was tied around my throat and I was facing the wrong way. First words I ever heard were: 'This one's a Martian!' "

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Ki-rin lives in a tropical island, in a planet close to the center of the galaxy. His home is an enormous fortress close to the ocean, away from cities or any other large concentrations of people.
Born to a middle class family in the tiny country of El Salvador. The year was 1968 and his parents were discovering Yoga and other practices from the East. Having no siblings, he had a big house and hundreds of toys all to himself.  His first true friend was a big German Shepherd named Kim.

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In the fortress, Ki-rin has amassed a great collection of artifacts, machines, talismans and holy objects. He waits there, quietly learning and studying, analyzing and synthesizing, while a a mission is assigned to him and a group slowly converges on the island.
He grew up full of fear and admiration for the poorer people around him, who lived in the undeveloped and overgrown areas of the city, mirroring it like a secret dirty   labyrinth existing behind the gloss.

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"I don't go out looking for them or try to convince them. When a mission comes, I quietly call them and they don't take long to arrive."

"One day, playing in the backyard, I heard a ghostly voice singing in an unknown, yet vaguely familiar, language. I was in a trance. When I met the girl behind the voice, I was overwhelmed. She took me as a good friend but nothing more, and, after a year had passed, she left and I never saw her again."

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He has survived countless missions, bringing back from each one another bit of knowledge, another book, another scroll, another wooden doll. All of these he holds on to, knowing that each one is a key, and that each of these keys will open one, and only one, door in the Universe. And, soon enough, a mission will come for which that particular door will be the main obstacle.
Around the age of 11, long after his parents had separated, he moved to a new neighborhood, a brand new development called "Satellite". There he encountered a little gang of kids who would become his lifelong companions.

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After a long wait, a group is finally assembled, and Ki-rin leaves his safe fortress, his warm planet. He leaves everything behind and travels with his companions,  never to come back until the mission is completed.
aereosal.gif (6792 bytes) A bloody civil war had been quickly growing all around him and one night it came home in a mass of green fatigues and black metal. His mother and him were taken by the National Police and, after a desperate struggle, they managed to leave the country in a mad rush to stay alive.

"In San Francisco, I felt alone and vulnerable  among strange creatures from many worlds. The unimaginable things that happened in the city scared me and attracted me. So I dived into this new reality very tentatively, taking over 12 years to find my place in a new circle."

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The missions involve going out to the distant planets, the edges of the galaxy, the outskirts of reality, where the Mother has been forgotten and darkness and chaos have taken control. Here he must be reborn as a local creature, and struggle, maybe for several lifetimes, just to remember who he really is, who is there with him and what they are there to do.
He returned to El Salvador many times, to see his friends in the "Satellite" and his Dad, of whom he was slowly becoming a distorted mirror image. But slowly, the north became his new home and he came to realize that he had found new companions in the voyage.

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"You must be ready to go anywhere and do anything,
and be ready to stay there forever,
until your work is done."



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