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"Why is almost every robust, healthy boy with a robust healthy soul in him, at some time or other crazy to go to sea?"
Herman Mellville

He can't quite remember when he got here. It couldn't have been too long ago and yet he can't place the time, nor the place he came from. How long can someone stand here in the sand without moving?

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He does remember others coming by, asking questions, offering suggestions, making comments, a blur of words and sound, even a gift or two. But just right now, there is no one around and a vague feeling of loneliness invades him.

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The sky is quiet and almost devoid of clouds. The sun is shining but not too hard.

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Most of all, there is the sound of the water, the constant rhythm of the waves, coming in, finding land at last, only to be rebuffed and sent back out to search again.

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The seagulls don't ever come too close (they're a lot more careful than the people) and the dogs almost always stay away.

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Sometimes it seems like the wind and the sand are  his only true companions.


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