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To find the lost voices of the spirits.

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Memory begins in the free open spaces of Mexico, where she could go where she pleased. There she encountered the ancient pyramids of Tenochtitlan, the city of the Gods, and at the very top of the temple of the sun, she rested, safe and at home, ready to stay there and never leave. Pale and dressed in black, Lady Die never sleeps, not after she died and awoke full of memories  in a world of violence and darkness.

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She was born in a very green place, in the midst of an old and peaceful tribe that worshiped the elements. Her name in those days was Soleymar and her element was water. She was priestess and healer, creating potions from plants and talking to the spirits all around her.She was taught this abilities when she was very young, by an old black man and a younger woman. She lived next to the great falls, where the old river Talli fed into the unexplored ocean.

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She was pulled from this ancient home to the northern lands of invention and speed, where she felt afraid and betrayed.

Things changed. She became shy and introverted, always trying to please everyone around her, always worried about what others might think.

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"Everyone around me was angry. I hid in books, away from the intruding eyes of the others."

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In high school, the walls around her started to break down and she developed new contacts with the outside world. Eventually this new vision would lead her to Carlos.

One day Soleymar fell in love with a traveler from another world, a world where he was in constant battle. She wanted to be with him but she couldn't, because there was only Death where he was. So she made a potion and they both drank it. She followed this with a ritual and she never came back. She was then reborn, undead, into the world of the strange traveler.

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This world is dark and turbulent. Bands of scavengers roam an infinite wasteland, forever in search of that one small treasure that will allow them to escape, to get back home. She follows the traveler in this quest, a recurring alternation of battles and brief moments of rest.

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"After meeting him, pleasing others didn't matter anymore. Only Carlos mattered."

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"I lost the spirits when I performed that ritual. I must get them back."

"At night, bathing alone in the waves of the dark river, I can still dream and, in the dreams, I travel all the way to the spirit world, no longer a solid body, but simply a point of attention traveling on rays of light."



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