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In Search of the Golden Lizard.

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Born in an army base.  Moved to a green house with a forest behind it, a forest on a hillside that went down to a small river.

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"I don't know where to start. I'm at a loss."

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Vergot lives on the water, on a one man boat. He battles against many by himself, but most of the time he's alone in the middle of the ocean, playing his wooden flute.
Later, in a different house, he lives in a room in the lower level. He is frightened of intruders. "Dad, look out there and see if somebody's trying to come in."

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"There' a part of the puzzle that I've missed, some crucial bit of information that everybody else seems to have that I don't have."

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He travels from island to island, looking for the dream time lizard.
The lizard is a chameleon, constantly shifting forms. Vergot finds it but when it changes, he thinks he has lost it again. The search begins anew. "You found me, you lost me."
He moved to a lonely suburban hellhole, a dirty little town. It is too dangerous. Unknown people are out there. There are no fences.

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Vergot is the last of a long line of sailors. The duty of the search has been handed to him. The lizard holds the key to manifesting dreams, making dreams become real.

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He saw a heavy metal band. That was the first time he experienced the raw invocational power of music. "That's what I've got to do!"
Vergot dreams of a distant castle full of heat where a woman lives. He must rescue something that has been walled in for ages, lost, stranded and frozen in the hidden layers of the dream time
He was  12 when he started to play music. Music was better than people, interacting with the others. The first guitar was a red, acoustic classical. It had a very feminine shape to it. "I always wanted to be in a band, but I kept on waiting for the right moment." The right moment would come soon.

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The music invokes Vergot into this reality. From then on,  they will meet in times of stress and of glory. Moments of alteration that are hard to attain and easy to forget.
The dream must be materialized, the ice must be melted, over and over again.



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