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Multi-Dimensional Space Traveller

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An operative of the higher intelligence organizations, hidden by an indian face, a small body  and a dark cloak. Agility, magic and skill poised against greater numbers, tainted emotions and brute strength.
Born high in the mountains of Bolivia where the air is very thin. Grew up very sure of himself and his abilities in the midst of a whole neighborhood of kids and adults for whom he was always the center of attention


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One morning, a small apparition of the Virgin appeared in his room: a crystalline little being that looked like a woman. He was scared, he started crying and it went away.

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"We are a secret guerrilla organization, we keep the Cosmos moving. We give life and maintain consciousness."

"There was three generations of the family, all living together."

Tretuz likes the trees, the life and moistness of the plants. He prefers to move at night, quietly sliding over the leaves and little branches of the forests.

"I was always the best at everything I tried and I was proud of it!"

Tretuz creates doors between dimensions to fulfill his many missions, to deliver messages across the dark emptiness of the vacumm and teach the secret skills to the locals.

His mother wanted to come to the United States, so the whole family crossed the border  illegally when he was still very young. His father and hims crossed over land, in a mad dash of desperate running.

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Upon arrival, they lived in little rundown apartment on Mission street, with some other Bolivian people. Lots of little girls following him around everywhere, drug dealers across the street and the mysterious world of Walgreens just around the corner. diablo.gif (9416 bytes)

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Tretuz teaches the use of strings and of the hands to open gaps in reality through which new energy, information and consciousness can flow through. Some locals may eventually become operatives just as he is.

In school, it was hard to realize that he had moved to a different country. There were so many Latinos that it just seemed like a variation on his original home.

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The seed, as always, comes from beyond space and time but Tretuz grew and learned within the continuum. His studies span many lifetimes, and started in a giant forest where he lived with the Elves, in a village suspended form branches. He learned about dancing, flute playing, drumming and all kinds of hand crafts.

Tretuz visited the Andes not too long ago and passed briefly thorugh a little town in Bolivia. Tito saw the Virgin in him, Tretuz saw a future operative in Tito.

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"The instructions of the masters are not words or even thoughts, they're simply subtle impulses."

The dance is the key for the door.
The movement creates what his hands can use
and the door opens.



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