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"Look, there's something I must ask you..." Carlos knows the answer that is coming and he knows it can't be true, but he asks the question anyway:

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"Are you human?"

He is quiet for a moment, his eyes wide open. He appears to be thinking.

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"Yes, I'm human! What about you Carlos? Are you human?"

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"Yes, I am."
What did he expect?

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"I'm not so sure about you, Carlos... I think you better double check!"

He is starting to get annoyed. There's something about this guy, something about the change in the sky as soon as he came near, something about the movement of the clouds behind him.

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"And how would I check on that? What do you think I should do?"

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"Take this card. Go to the address on the back. Show it to the doorman."

And he's gone, clouds, sky and air returning to their normal state.

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