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This morning the light touches keep on multiplying, the subtle movements outside that shift the shapes inside of him.

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The manic smile of the teenager as he walks onto the bus, the teeth gleaming, the shadowy eyes fixed on him. (Did he just make a certain hand gesture? One not entirely unknown?)

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Carlos is fixed on the hand, the fingers outstretched, the gentle trembling, the movement upwards, towards the window, the sky...

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UAAKKK!!! The sound outside! The seagull. Now he knows. He must follow.

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He leaves the bus in a hurry, without looking back. The bird is already moving westward, following the general path of the boulevard.

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It's a long walk down Geary, but for once, the hint is clear and his attention is undivided. (Was there a woman in that window waving at him?)

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Sometimes the seagull is lost, over buildings, behind trees, over the roofs of houses, but ultimately he now knows where he's going. Seagulls have only one place to go.


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